As your Selectman, David Viera has kept his promises. He supported the expansion of our school buildings, stepped up to make sure the final phase of our senior center is built and is working to build our South End Fire Station in a timely fashion.Now Seekonk’s future must be protected. Extraordinary growth, skyrocketing property values, and the need for more town services are causing property taxes to increase, making it less affordable for senior homeowners and working families to stay in Seekonk.

“With fiscal uncertainty as the COVID-19 shutdowns start to end, we need an experienced, steady leader who will prioritize our needs in a fiscally responsible way, make the tough votes in the best interest of taxpayers, and will insist we find ways to make Seekonk affordable for seniors and working families."

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- Lifelong Seekonk Resident
- Former Seekonk Police Officer
- 32 Year Seekonk Firefighter
- Retired Seekonk Fire Chief
- Former Planning Board Member
- Former Zoning Board of Appeals Member
- Former Conservation Commission Member
- Former Board of Health Member
- United States Marine Corps Veteran

- Fiscally responsible budgeting & planning.
- Careful management of all capital projects
- Advocate for the Seekonk students while supporting a responsible budget
- Current Chairman of the South End Fire Station Building Committee
- Current Vice-Chairman of the Senior Center Building Project

Thank you.

Thank you for your support.Vote for David Viera on April 5th!